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Presentazione della Società Italiana di Intelligence (SOCINT) alla Camera dei Deputati

Our lightweight English website

The activities of the Società Italiana di Intelligence (Italian Intelligence Society) are mainly directed to the Italian academic community, hence the main website of the association is in Italian. However, we created this lightweight version of the website in English so that international readers can get to know who we are and what we do, but please refer to the Italian version of the website for additional details.

Who we are

The Società Italiana di Intelligence is a non-profit scientific assotiation that promotes the intelligence studies in Italy. The main objective of the association is to spread and encourage the study of intelligence as an academic subject in the Italian Universities.

What we do

The initiatives and activities of the Società Italiana di Intelligence, in line with the social objectives, are aimed at promoting the intelligence studies as an academic discipline in Italian Universities.


Spreading the culture of the intelligence studies through subject-related publications is part of the objectives of the Società Italiana di Intelligence. To this purpose, we have created a publishing portal, named SOCINT Press, totally in Open Access. We assign DOI and ISBN to our publications.

News and Events

We have created a dedicated portal, named SOCINT News, to keep our readers updated on the initiatives, events, and any other news related to our association.