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Initiatives and activities of the Società Italiana di Intelligence

The initiatives and activities of the Italian Intelligence Society (SOCINT), in line with the social objectives, are aimed at promoting the intelligence studies as an academic discipline and as a method of handling information. To find out about the initiatives, please visit one of the following links (in Italian):

The active participation of members is essential to fuel the debate within the scientific and academic community on topics related to the intelligence studies, as well as to promote the study and research on intelligence in the public and private sectors.

The Association has the following objectives:

a. to promote any initiative aimed at having the intelligence studies recognized as an academic discipline in Italian and European universities, through a transdisciplinary approach;

b. to organize conferences, lectures, study seminars, round tables and take care of publications and any other scientific and cultural initiative that enhances the study of intelligence;

c. to maintain relations with Italian and foreign universities, favoring scientific and cultural collaboration with them, as well as with bodies, associations and companies of a scientific nature, both public and private, at national, European and international level;

d. to promotee the training and professional education of those, especially young people, – Italians or foreigners – who operate or aspire to operate in the various fields of intelligence , understood in the broadest sense of the collection, analysis and use of information;

e. to prepare and implement study and research programs, including with the awarding of prizes, scholarships and grants, thus favoring scientific research and the deepening of knowledge on the subject;

f. to lends its research and documentation contribution to the public and private bodies competent for the subject;

g. to manage any initiative that can respond to the social objectives of the association;

h. to participate in project and calls for funding on topics that allow the advancement and application of the discipline.